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Roofs make homes beautiful. Beautify your neighborhood and save electricity.

Green Roofing
Green Roofing

We install Eco-friendly roofs that stay longer and don’t harm the environment.

Adam Michael Gringruz - Biography

I am Adam Michael. My homeland, Netanya, was 15 minutes from Tel Aviv. After years in sales management, I joined the Israeli special forces. Anti-terrorist Lebanon-Israel border guerrillas. I moved to the US after leaving the military. L.A. I began my nine-year career in home improvement and building sales there.


Entrepreneurship is about executing a concept


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Nema roofing’s certified experts will ensure your new roof is installed correctly.


No more leaks during strong rainstorms! Nema Roofing guarantees a waterproof and long-lasting roof.


Maintaining your roof is easy with our 24/7 support and guaranteed quality.

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