About Adam

Since Adam Michael Gringruz a.k.a. Adam Gringruz spent time serving in Israel’s Special Services, Adam is familiar with how to organize and lead a group of people while they are operating in potentially hazardous environments.

Adam is skilled at conquering challenges and developing great relationships with his managers and coworkers, both of which are important aspects of his job. Because Adam places such a high priority on ensuring that his followers are happy and healthy, he is an exceptional leader.

Without commitment, it is easy to give up in the face of obstacles. With commitment, we see the opportunities ahead and keep going, no matter how tough things get.

My Belief System

  • Believe in yourself, and everything that you believe in will become true.
  • Stay Focused- If you can’t stay focused, you’ll never be successful
  • Positive thinking is the key to success. It’s the only way to achieve anything worth achieving.
  • Persevere, and though the road may be rough, you will reach your destination.
  • There’s no such thing as a risk-free investment, but there are plenty of risks that pay off.

How we work

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Nema Roofing fixed the slate roof on our house. Adam did it like a real pro. Put a cover on the roof with care. After cleaning up, he left. Adam roofs well.

Emily Smith

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